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With the first phased return to work in the U.S. states, bet that economic restart will benefit the resumption of work, and funds in relevant sectors are ready to move.

One of the hot sectors is the aviation sector, which was cleared by Warren Buffett. The assets of us global jets ETF have soared by about 27 times in the past three months, which also makes us aviation stocks rebound slightly in recent years.

In the view of market participants, although there are still risks,六合藏宝图最快报码室开奖结果 the aviation industry is gradually waking up. The valuation of global generation Airlines is close to the historical low. Now it is a good opportunity to invest in the aviation sector.

Investors who bet wildly on the revival of global aviation industry have injected hundreds of millions of dollars into the previously younger global aviation ETFs in the past three months.

According to FactSet, until the beginning of March this year, the assets of ETFs in the global aviation industry were only around $33 million, but now their assets have soared to $950 million. FactSet said the fund had shown net inflows for 62 business days at the end of May.

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