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According to reporter Lu MI, Evergrande player Feng Boxuan will join the league in Henan Jianye.

Lu Mi showed that Feng Boxuan could play in Jianye's competition tonight. However, Liuhe treasure map is listed in Hong Kong and the original color map 2020 has not yet been determined whether he is on loan or tianmeng will officially transfer.

Feng Boxuan joined the league in the summer of 2017,六合藏宝图香港挂牌彩图正版2020 Guangzhou Evergrande Liuhe treasure map was listed in Hong Kong genuine color map 2020. Coincidentally, it coincided with the Liuhe treasure map of Hong Kong listing the original color map 2020. His starting goal in Hengda first-team was to face Henan Jianye.

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