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There is a sudden change in the periphery market of

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. On November 11, local time, three major U.S. stock indexes plummeted, with the Dow Jones industrial average closing down more than 1800 points, making it the biggest drop since March; the VIX panic index, which measures market shocks, surged nearly 50%, reaching a one month high; and energy and aviation sectors fell sharply.

In addition to U.S. stocks, there were also large market falls on Thursday,六合藏宝图香港挂牌彩图正版2020 with FTSE down 3.74%, DAX 4.47%, CAC 4.71%, Nikkei 2.82%, FTSE Singapore - 3.44%, FTSE Australia 3.04%.

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analysis, the slump is due to the early \ ,

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