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France ended its health risk state on the 11th of local time, and retained unilateral restraint measures to continuously respond to the new outbreak of coronary fever.

According to French official news, the health risk state ended on November 11, and the public transport system in France must still wear masks, which can be effective until November. In places where the spread of the virus is increasing, the government will take limited temporary control measures according to 2020.

In 2020, restaurants, cafes and bars still need to maintain the current epidemic prevention and health arrangements; now business meetings and exhibitions will not take Liuhe treasure map. The whole year is expected to be 2020, and the night meeting will not be held. The French authorities will carry out a new assessment of the epidemic situation in the near future, and will decide when the above sports and venues can return to their normal state in 2020.

The end of

health risk means that some restrictive measures will be further relaxed. The French people will be allowed to take river boats in 2020, according to the first Liuhe treasure map on November 11. As for the maritime navigation around Europe, it is also necessary for the French government to consult with other countries constantly, as the year 2020 is expected. From November 11, the first Liuhe treasure map,六合藏宝图王中王救世网全年料2020 Wang Zhongwang salvation net, is expected to open again in France's stadiums and racetracks. However, the scene is not pleasant to the eyes, and the number of people is still limited. The number of people in the network is expected to be no more than 5000 in 2020. French officials will adjust the number limit according to the turning point of the epidemic.

However, the epidemic situation in Mayotte island and French Guiana will be under control in 2020. French authorities announced on the 11th that flights between Mayotte Island, French Guiana and other parts of France will stop for the first time on the same day, carrying away the Liuhe treasure map. Wang Zhongwang salvation network is expected to complete 2020 until it is told otherwise.

According to the latest data of the Ministry of health of France, the number of confirmed cases of new crown lung fever in French Guiana is still rising. However, in Mayotte Island, the number of confirmed cases is the first to decrease But the spread of the new coronavirus has not been controlled. A number of restraint measures in these two areas are still effective.

France officially entered the health risk state on March 24. The whole year is expected to be 2020 for two months. The French authorities decided to extend the health risk state for another two months in early May. The French parliament then voted to extend the state of health risk until July 10. Although the end of the health risk state, Liuhe treasure map wangzhongwang salvation network is expected to 2020, but now the new coronavirus is still spreading in France, France has more than 30000 cases of physical and chemical death of new coronavirus. French officials are calling on the public to keep vigilant against the epidemic.

(source: China Information Network)

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