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On Thursday (June 18, Beijing time), the Central Bank of England will announce the interest rate resolution and the minutes of the monetary policy meeting. It is expected that the Bank of England will raise the current asset purchase rate to 745 billion pounds and keep the benchmark interest rate unchanged at 0.1%. One sided economists expect that the asset purchase will be increased by 200 billion pounds around asset purchase. With the permission of Andrew Bailey, the chief executive, policy makers are ready to move around in response to the economic downturn.

After the announcement of a 200 billion pound project in March this year, the market is far sighted that it will expand the current project by 100 million pounds. However, the main topic now can be the view on the possibility of negative interest rates. Unlike other one-sided central banks, the British central banks refuse to overturn the possibility of negative interest rates, so their current unhappiness will be the main interest of the market.

According to the data released by the British National Bureau of statistics, although the number of people applying for laid-off allowance has dropped from the high level in April when the epidemic broke out, the data in May is still relatively high from the historical data. This once again reinforces the impact of the outbreak, which is expected to cause more trouble for the Central Bank of England, as weak wages will put pressure on inflation.

The annual CPI rate of the UK fell to a four-year low in May, and the central CPI data was also at the lowest level since October 2016. The deflationary pressure on the economy caused by the outbreak of the epidemic is becoming more and more clear. This may force the Central Bank of England to adopt more stimulus measures. It can also make it consider implementing negative interest rates to solve this problem.

The European experience is not ideal, but the unconventional measures of European central bank can give some enlightenment to British policy makers. Although rumors of the central bank's move to push down negative interest rates have emerged for some time, the authorities have not moved around and flashed their words, stressing that the move is only evaluating the negative interest rate policy.

At present, the official interest rate of the UK is at 0.1%. The market prospects that there will be no clear turning point in the monetary policy meeting on June 18. The results of the Liuhe prize drawing will be broadcast live, and even the possibility of promoting negative interest rates in August will continue to decline.

Now the British economy is in a rapid decline. The real GDP has returned to the level 18 years ago. The live broadcast of the results of the six in one prize drawing and the six in one prize drawing has recovered to the level 18 years ago. More supportive policies are in imminent danger. In addition, the Liuhe treasure map is broadcast live, and the deadline for brexit is approaching at the end of the year. The European Central Bank's negative interest rate experience gives the UK too much faith.

Relying on the traditional monetary policy channel, Liuhe treasure map and Liuhe lottery result live broadcast, bank walk is unwilling to transmit negative interest rate to deposit account. However, the bank's profit will be damaged, and the live broadcast of Liuhe's drawing and Liuhe's prize opening result will be invalid. However, the European Central Bank's unconventional operation, Liuhe's treasure map,六合藏宝图六合开奖结果现场直播 was broadcast live, which can give some enlightenment to the British central bank.

For example, the European Central Bank's directed forever refinancing operation (tltro III) is a treasure map of Liuhe, and the results of Liuhe prize opening are broadcast live. Banks are encouraged to provide permanent loans to residents and enterprises. Bank walk can not only get a three-year financing with the interest rate of - 0.5%, but also enjoy a lower financing interest rate of - 1% if it exceeds the loan of European Central Bank.

this experience can inspire the Central Bank of England to take the lead in the negative interest rate, live broadcast of the results of the six in one prize opening, and reduce the interest rate of the scheduled financing plan first, and then broadcast the opening results of the Liuhe treasure map, especially for the loans around the specific area. Looking forward to the live broadcast of Liuhe treasure map and Liuhe lottery results before the implementation of negative interest rate, the Bank of England will first consider the following policies: expand QE, expand the scheduled financing plan, live broadcast of Liuhe treasure map and Liuhe lottery results, reduce interest rates targeted, relax the convergence of macro unpleasant and solemn management of the curve limit of profit margin and forward-looking guidance of negative interest rate.

The inflation rate in the UK has hit a low position for four years. The results of the six in one prize drawing were broadcast live, which increased the pressure on the Central Bank of England to move even

the inflation rate in the UK slowed down to a quarter of that of the central bank of England in May, which added to the reason for policy makers to increase the stimulus package at this week's meeting.

(5) consumer prices rose only 0.5% year-on-year, the weakest since 2016, as the prices of car fuel and leisure goods fell. The central inflation rate, which excludes the volatile energy and food prices, fell to 1.2%. There was little turning in the pound after Wednesday's announcement from the office for national statistics.

Looking ahead, central bank officials will raise 100 billion pounds (US $126 billion) around bond purchases. They expect to cherish the economy from the impact of the coronavirus chase. Some economists believe that further policy easing will be necessary this year, including lowering interest rates below zero for the first time.

The Central Bank of England is ready to launch more stimulus measures as the economy recovers from the new epidemic, Andrew Bailey, head of the UK Central Bank, said. Bailey said on Friday when approving the visit. \ ,

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