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Great scandal! Hundreds of billions of German payment giant exposes financial fraud, stock prices continue to plummet!

On the afternoon of the 22nd, after the German stock market opened, the shares of the German payment giant wirecard plummeted by more than 48%. As of press, wirecard fell 34.45% to 16.81 euros. It fell 83% in three consecutive business days.

Earlier today, the company said that the 1.9 billion euro cash in doubt notified by the audit firm Ernst & Young last week would probably not exist at all.

at the same time, the company reversed its financial results for the first quarter of fy2019 and fy2020.

The stock price of

plummeted by more than 85%, and the market value volatilized by more than 85 billion

on Thursday,六合藏宝图六合开奖结果现场直播 it was revealed that there was 1.9 billion euro cash in the trust account of wirecard, which could not provide evidence of the existence of the cash to Ernst & young. The company said that the funds in question accounted for nearly a quarter of its total assets and debts.

The company also revealed that there were signs that the trustee preferred the auditor to select false balance confirmations to deceive the auditor and caused a misunderstanding of such cash balance. Now the company's management is working hard with Ernst & young to clarify the situation.

Affected by this, the audit results of fiscal year 2019 scheduled to be released on Thursday were postponed. According to the company, if it is still unable to select the audit report on June 19, local time, the company has 2 billion euro loans that can be asked to repay ahead of time.


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