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Under the epidemic situation of

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, the global aviation industry has been hit hard.

Airbus, the aircraft manufacturer, announced on June 30 that it would eliminate 15000 jobs around the world. Boeing, its old rival, announced that it would launch a new round of layoffs involving about 1000 employees.

Boeing announced that it will eliminate 1030 employees by August 28 this year. This round of layoffs is one side of Boeing's previously announced plan to eliminate about 10% of its global employees.

In April this year, Boeing announced that it would eliminate 14000 jobs around the world, accounting for about 10% of its employees. In the first batch of layoffs announced in May, 12300 jobs were eliminated in the United States, and about 700 employees were laid off in Australia and Tennessee.

In addition, Air France announced on March 3 that it would eliminate 7580 jobs before the end of 2022. Among them,六合藏宝图管家婆四不像图资料 Air France will lay off 6560 employees Hope aviation will eliminate 1020 people, the housekeeper of Liuhe treasure map, and the four unlike map information, and the posts involve flight personnel, flight attendants and ground crew. The statement also showed that the company suffered heavy losses due to the epidemic situation. The flying traffic movement and business volume of Liuhe treasure map fell by 95% from March to June. At the most critical time, the group lost as much as 15 million euro per day.

[5} due to the development of the epidemic on different days, the elimination of travel limitations and the need for commercial flight, all of which are faced with uncertainty. Even if we obey the most laughable prospect, the group's operation will not recover to the level of 2019 until 2024.

(source: CCTV finance and Economics)

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