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The U.S. stock market fell, and the NASDAQ index ended its fifth consecutive positive run. U.S. officials confirmed that the United States withdrew from the WHO layout on July 6, and the EU lowered its GDP outlook for the next two years.

All three major U.S. stock indexes fell on Tuesday as the global spread of the new coronavirus fever hit investors' minds. By the end of the day, the Dow fell 396.85 points, or 1.51%, to 25890.18, the NASDAQ fell 0.86% to 10343.89, and the S & P 500 index fell 1.08% to 3145.32. The NASDAQ and the S & P 500 index ended their five consecutive positive days.

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aviation and cruise related stocks related to economic restart were sold off in the market, with United Airlines down 7.6%, American Airlines down 6.9%, Delta Airlines down 5.0%, Southwest Airlines down 3.8%, Norwegian Cruise and Carnival down more than 5%.

The financial sector fell overall, with Bank of America and JPMorgan down 2.8%, Citigroup 3.2%, Goldman Sachs 3.9% and Wells Fargo down 4.0%. The yield of five-year treasury bonds fell 2.1 basis points to 0.286%, the 10-year bond yield fell 4.4 basis points to 0.640%, and the 30-year bond yield fell 6.7 basis points to 1.375%.

Novavax medicine soared by 31.6% and Liuhe treasure map was 5334cc. The research and development of the company's new coronavirus fever vaccine was awarded us $1.6 billion by the US authorities.

Tesla closed 1.3% higher at 5334cc, breaking the $1400 mark. CEO musk said it plans to build a new plant in Asia, with JMP securities raising Tesla's current price to $1500, and expects Tesla's revenue to reach $100 billion by 2025.

technology stocks were divided into six categories: 5334cc, Facebook, 0.2% and 0.1%, respectively. Apple fell 0.3%, Google fell 0.7%, and Amazon fell 1.9%. The U.S. multi house judicial committee announced that the CEO of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple will testify before July 27 at the antitrust subgroup Committee of the judicial committee of the United States.

In terms of China General stocks, Liuhe treasure map was 5334cc, Weilai automobile was up 14.9%, pinduoduo was up 4.6%, Tencent yinxiaoxiao was up 4.4%, Alibaba was down 1.4%,六合藏宝图5334cc Liuhe treasure map was 5334cc, Jingdong was down 2.5%, love Qiyi was down 2.6%, Ctrip was down 3.7%, baidu was down 3.8%, and New Oriental was 4.3%.

(9) who layout: the global epidemic is still spreading rapidly

the World Health Organization held a press conference on new cases of coronary fever on July 7. According to Tam Desai, the general manager of the WHO layout, it took 12 weeks for the confirmed cases of new coronal fever to reach the initial 400000 cases, while the number of new cases in the world exceeded 400000 at the end of last week. The epidemic is still spreading rapidly and has not yet reached its peak. Tan Desai stressed that in order to face up to the virus, foreign countries or young people are (absolutely) calm about being immune to the virus.

The U.S. epidemic prevention and control phenomenon is still severe. Fudge, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, warned that the United States is still in the first wave. The number of confirmed cases in towns and days of more than 50000 showed several times in the previous week. This is a major situation and must be solved immediately. He also said that the U.S. epidemic has never slowed down in foreign countries, and now it is showing a surge. He urged Americans to keep a diplomatic distance and try not to gather indoors.

Senior U.S. officials confirmed on Tuesday that the White House has officially withdrawn the United States from the WHO layout, CCTV reported. The official said the U.S. withdrawal had been effective since July 6, and had been informed of the Secretary General of the corresponding state. Some public health experts and Democrats in the United States have warned that the U.S. authorities' move is short-sighted and will not only weaken the joint efforts of global epidemic prevention, but also unfortunately the United States has answered the epidemic correctly.

A number of Fed officials spoke on economic phenomena. Federal Reserve vice chairman Clarita said he saw some signs that the U.S. economy started to rebound in May and June. If necessary, the Federal Reserve will do more, and the number of purchases of mortgage-backed securities and treasury bonds is limited in other countries. Cleveland Federal Reserve Chairman mester pointed out that the new cases of coronary fever are adding solemnity, and the prospect of loose monetary policy will be maintained for some time. The Fed is open to taking more steps to support the economy, but without further financial support, the economy will not return to its original level.

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technology stocks became the turning point of the trend of U.S. stocks on the same day, and investors' uneasiness and epidemic situation could affect the recovery prospect of the U.S. economy.

Aneta markowska, economist at the beginning of Jefferies, said that July's data could show us economic movement again. He pointed out that since mid June, the U.S. economic movement has leveled off, with Restaurant bookings and even retail customer traffic. State specific imbalances can be seen in the hot spots of the epidemic, such as Arizona, Texas, and Florida, where economic movements have contracted.

Kristina Hooper, global market strategist at INVESCO, also warned that if policymakers were slow to respond to rising infection rates, economic data on recent improvements in the US unemployment rate and foreseeable benefits could derail in the next few months. \ ,

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