{SJ Liuhe treasure map: genuine four dissimilar pictures in 2020}

This week, the Central Bank of all countries will announce the interest rate resolution, the US stock market earnings season will begin, and OPEC + will hold a meeting of the jmmc.

Last week, the international market was changing, and the outbreak of new coronary fever was spreading rapidly all over the world, causing a shock in the capital market. The United States announced that it would withdraw from the WHO structure, and the European Union lowered its expectation of economic growth. U.S. stocks recorded two consecutive positive weeks, with the Dow up 1.0%, the NASDAQ up 4.0%, and the S & P 500 index up 1.8%. The three major European stock indexes were differentiated. The FTSE 100 index fell 1.0%, the German DAX 30 index rose 0.8%, and the French CAC 40 index fell 0.7%.

This week, the central banks of Europe, Japan, and Canada will announce interest rate resolutions. The six in one treasure map will be published. The Federal Reserve will publish the economic situation Brown book. The Liuhe treasure map will be published in 2020. The U.S. stock market earnings season will hit the Liuhe treasure map. The 2020 genuine four dissimilar chart will be held by OPEC +.

focus on US retail data

The main data to be released in the U.S. this week include the June CPI, construction permission, and monthly rate of new housing construction. The true four different chart for 2020 is the New York Fed, Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing index and the University of Michigan consumer belief index. The most important figure is the monthly retail sales rate in June. The total retail sales of the United States account for 25% of the total retail sales of Liuhe treasure map, which has a huge impact on the growth of the economy. In May, the retail sales of Liuhe treasure map in 2020 will increase by 17.7%, and that in 2020 will reach a record high, which is mainly due to the loosening of Liuhe Tibet with state barriers Baotu in 2020 is a genuine four different map, consumers start to consume again. The agency now expects retail sales to increase by 5.5% last month.

The U.S. stock market will usher in a new financial reporting season. In 2020, the original Liuhe treasure map will not be the same as that in 2020. According to the refinitiv survey, it will be 43.9% lower than that of the previous quarter of the S & P 500 index companies, which will fall by 43.9% in 2020 Chart shows that nearly 80% of enterprises have not published performance guidelines. Considering that investors have already expected this, the six in one treasure map will be authentic in 2020, and the focus of the outside world can be more focused on the related news such as layoffs, reduction of stock breaks and shortening of repurchase. The companies that will report this week include JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Netflix, Johnson and Johnson.

Many Federal Reserve officials will continue to talk about the Six Harmonies hidden treasure map, the genuine four dissimilar map of 2020. They can reiterate that it is necessary for the economy to revive for a longer time. If it is necessary, the Federal Reserve is ready to take a further stance. As of July 8, the US Federal Reserve's asset debt has been shortened by about US $88 billion to US $6.97 trillion, the largest weekly decline in nearly 11 years,六合藏宝图2020年正版四不像图 showing that the fluctuating pressure on the financial market has eased. The Federal Reserve will release the brown book on economic conditions, and the major local Federal Reserve will introduce the development of various industries after the economy returns to production in the past month.

crude oil facing demand test

International oil prices rose hard last week, and the IEA raised global energy demand expectations, which boosted market sentiment, but the epidemic situation depressed the prospect of economic recovery. WTI crude oil was up 0.7% to close at US $40.70/barrel, while Brent crude oil was up 0.9% to US $43.17/barrel.

Saudi Arabia decided last week to raise its premium on all grades of crude oil by $1 a barrel, the third consecutive month of price hikes by OPEC's largest producer. However, at the end of this month, after the OPEC + production reduction was due, adjustments could be seen around the production limits of various countries. Some news sources disclosed that Saudi Arabia occasionally continued to take any radical measures to reduce production. In addition, ADNOC, the national oil company of Abu Dhabi, UAE, plans to add 300000 barrels / day of crude oil exports in August.

From July 14 to 15, OPEC + will hold a meeting of jmmc to pay attention to whether oil producing countries will continue to postpone the formulation of production reduction. If OPEC + indicates that production reduction will be reduced from 9.7 million barrels / day to 7.7 million barrels / day at the end of this month, crude oil prices can fall.

This week, investors can also pay attention to the monthly notice of OPEC crude oil market, which will include the supply of crude oil market in the recent month, the turning point of inventory reduction, and the expectation of crude oil supply and demand in different days. If the direction of the group's keynote is not pleasing to the eye, there is a short-term view in favor of further oil prices. According to the IEA monthly notice of the International Energy Agency, global oil supply fell by 2.4 million barrels / day in June, a new record of 86.9 million barrels / day, the lowest point in the past nine years. The IEA pointed out that the continuous increase in the number of new cases of coronary fever has cast a cloud on the market prospects, and the global crude oil demand is expected to decline by 7.9 million barrels / day in 2020.

Central Bank of many countries announced interest rate resolution

Japan, Canada and the European central banks will announce interest rate decisions this week.

Considering that the Central Bank of Japan added the stimulus plan in the interest rate resolutions in March and April, the market is far sighted that the Central Bank of Japan will keep its monetary policy unchanged this month and hold a solemn and displeased attitude towards the economic outlook. It is dark that the Central Bank of Japan has taken more than measures to ease the attack caused by the epidemic. We can pay attention to the economic development notice to be released at that time.

Last month, the European Central Bank kept the three key interest rates unchanged, further expanding the dangerous anti epidemic debt purchase program (PEPP) by 600 billion euro to 1.35 trillion euro. In the context of the severe epidemic situation, we should pay attention to whether the European Central Bank will release the signal of further stimulus policy.

Affected by public health events, the European Commission last week lowered its GDP outlook for this year and next year. European Union leaders will meet this week to discuss further the European recovery fund. European Council President Michel Michelle has previously announced a compromise on the European economic recovery plan, adding the EU budget from 2021 to 2027 to 1074 billion euros. The proposal to maintain the 750 billion euro EU recovery fund and approve the release of 500 billion euro by means of subsidies.

The interest rate resolution will be announced by the Central Bank of China on the 15th, which is the first meeting of the new chairman, tiff macklem. The market expects that the benchmark interest rate will remain unchanged at 0.25%. In a public speech last month, mccullam said it would take a long time for the economy to recover fully from the epidemic blockade, which would ask the central bank to continue to buy government bonds and keep interest rates at historical lows indefinitely. At that time, he announced that the bank would continue to purchase at least NT $5 billion in treasury bonds every week to help reduce the permanent borrowing costs of households and enterprises.


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