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After U.S. President trump openly entertained the God of stock, Warren Buffett was rumored to have signed off interest rates on the 17th after he made a short investment mistake this year!

Early on the morning of the 17th, a fake screenshot of the so-called interest rate rebate letter signed by Warren Buffet was circulated on the Internet. The letter imitates Mr. Buffett's tone and fabricates his signature, claiming that the transfer of the chairman of Berkshire's board of directors to David Scott Portnoy of ddtg, took over the job immediately.

In the original form, this kind of farce is very clever and can be seen through at a glance. Because investment is the biggest favorite benefit of Buffett's life! Mr. Buffett has said many times that it must be crazy to leave investment.

However, this period of thick and fierce artillery fire,六合藏宝图2020开奖记录历史结果 aimed at Buffett, is nothing more than that in this wave of reverse bomb, foreign countries seize the opportunity, not greedy, behind the general trend, \ ,

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